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Video Management System

Building Channels

Here above there is a screenshot of publishing with Marduq. Videos's can be published to all kind of channels

By dragging the items in the menu from left to right, you easily Manage the content of your own channel. To the left a filterable list of all your programs. To the left there is a menu editor, managing your categories.

On the far right, there is a complete customization panel for your channel, which includes a logo upload, a set of Themes and a bunch of color settings.

Edit Marqers

Here below there is a picture of the marqer-editor. On the timeline there are a bunch of marqers

Marqers can easily be dragged around and adjusted in size. There is also a complete key-mapping with handy keyboard shorcuts.

To the right there is a foldable menu with different marqers and marqer-prefabs.

Some marqers we have:

Text with Markup



iFrame embed


RSS feed

Google Maps


Just drop your Marqers

Marqers which are in the video, like images and texts can easily be dragged and sized into position. There s also an optional grid which automatically adjusts itself to the aspect ratio of the video

Once in position, and configured just right, the Marqer can be saved into a prefab

Technology Partners:

  • Mozilla, PopcornJS ( )
  • Heroku

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