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Integration of web and video

What is Marduq?

A webservice that lets you easily create and publish interactive videos


What can you do with Marduq?

Add texts, banners, polls, quizzes and links to your videos. Connect
with webshops and much, much more.

Use content from Youtube, Vimeo and Kaltura

Manage and control your own Interactive Layers or marqers

Publish on your own channel with ease.

Versatile, flexible and user-friendly VMS or Video Management System

Easily embeddable, use with Wordpress and others.

Advertisement through Vast compliant pre-roll, Liverail ready

In-video banners and affiliates with Webads or Tradedoubler, among others

Connect with Twitter, Newsfeeds, Facebook, Maps

Who uses Marduq?


Mediahuis invests in relevant media and make them stronger and more attractive.


Answering real business challenges for our clients through innovation and deep industry knowledge.


Outdoor starts here. Bever has the biggest outdoor assortment of the Netherlands.

Over 2,500 publishers worldwide are connected to Zoomin.TV’s videos and video players.

Salt TV

Salt is the platform for adventurous living.

What they do with Marduq:

de Schrijfwijzen

The Grande Dictation re-invented

The Grand Dictation has been an icon in the Netherlands and Flanders. When it was pulled from television, 'de Standard' and the joint Libraries of Flanders committed themselveds to getting it back in a more modern form.

'De Schrijfwijzen', is a mobile-first interactive video that let's you do a dictation. The 100 best players were invited to compete against each other in the library of Gent. --- i.s.m. de Standaard


Interactive Video Commerce

Bever is the outdoor shop of the Netherlands. It has a very broad catalog, whether you go camping in the Himalayas or just go out for a hike in the woods around the corner.

With Marduq, the catalog was made accessible through short Vlogs made by very knowledgeable Bever shopping staff. They recommend the best products for your adventure and give handy tips. In the video a shop component is added, among others, that shows exactly the products that are mentioned in the video. --- with

Mach Media

a date with Mach Media

Mach Media is a results-driven team of Marketing Communications Consultants and Project Managers based in Gent (Belgium) and Washington DC. As a site-introduction we build this 'Date with Machmedia', introducing the Belgium office and give an introduction to the services the company has to offer.

It features interactive marqers and picture-in-picture video. It was filmed with a steadycam at their offices. --- with


Are you a Match?

Aquafin cleans sewage water so it can go back into Nature. They work on the environment in harmony with water. Sustainable handling of rain water to help prevent dry soil.

Voor their selection campaign they deployed interactive video to communicate the core values of the company in a humorous manner. --- with Clickablevideo

African Slum Journal

Giving the slums a voice.

The Nairobi Community Media House is a professional team of creative young film- and video makers. The NCMH supports young reporters to tell the stories from their own communities and how they deal with the problems they face in the Slums

the site is created and maintained in Afrika. Marduq supports the NCMH. The tools include a robust uploader that keeps functioning with long response times or if internet drops completely for a moment

Tour of Flanders

Fun before the tour.

The flemishes are bike-fanatics and the tour of Flanders, the official Tour, is the main event in the Flander sporting-year.

For the event, the Nieuwsblad, a Belgium paper, sent out a journalist on Moped with a camera on his helmet, to document the route of the tour. With Marduq these 8 hours (!) of material was plotted on a map and users could click on the map and be 'dropped into' that place in the video. Complete with professional comments.

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