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Marduq for Filmmakers

Hands on with Marduq technology

Focus on the content only

we'll focus on the technology

Create Interactive video with Marduq

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  • We study the process filmmakers use and try to follow it.
  • Add and maintain titling and subtitles, without render the video over and over again. Ideal for subtitling in different languages, of nametags with linkedin information
  • Easily integrate Google Spreadsheets for your script, changes and updates are automatically loading into the video.
  • Works well wilth Adobe After Effects and Premiere. Has the same keybindings, reads motion-tracking data and more.
  • Easy configuration and maintenance of a growing number of interactive components like links, menus, images and buttons. Social media, video, info blocks, maps etc. etc. ( we call these components 'Marqers')

The mix of skills required to do the world’s best [...] content is pretty intimidating, because it’s video, it’s audio, it’s programming, and it’s interactive. It’s hard, just like any other new media.

Bill Gates, 1989

Marduq Hands-on
Make interactive video today

No matter how you spin it, making interactive video requires a lot of (web) technology. Still, we want filmmakers to feel just as at home as web developers or content editors.

We get that making videos is about production, actors, music, cameras, storyboards, and scripts.
We don't want you to have to change the way you work now only to be able to use our tools.

Familiair Tools
AEX en Premiere

So we have studied programs as Adobe After Effects and Premiere and tried to work what we learned into our interface. So there is no need to relearn everything.
For instance. you can use tracking data straight out of After Effects, and we note all time in standard SMPTE format.

We use the same layout and have adopted the same key-bindings as the Adobe tools. All in all, we've tried to make you at home as possible.

Edit Titling in real time

Create multiple paths through the video

Add Picture-in-Picture

Show a Stock ticker or other realtime data

Add Tweets to keep your video up to date

Syndicate news feeds and updates wit RSS

Expand your video with location data in Google Maps

Quiz and test your audience with questions

Dynamic Titling
Add and edit on the fly

Creating your titles in Marduq has many advantages. It can be easily adapted without the need to re-render the video

It is as simple to place titles as it is in After Effects, we support a wide range of (google) Fonts and the size of the letters scale with the video as you would expect it to. Just like it would scale if the letters were rendered into the video.

Dynamic Paths through your video
met Google Spreadsheets

We try to develop tools that fit in with the way you already work. We found that most creatives like to write their scripts for Interactive Movies in programs like Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets. This got us thinking.
Why would we need to tediously copy a document that, -- properly ordered -- is the configuration itself.

So we got working on a direct link from Marduq to a Google Spreadsheet of your choosing. Just invite the Marduq Maintenance worker to your document and you are on your way

our VMS

Our Video Management System is called Nabu ( 𒀭𒀝 )

Create and Manage Interactive components

Add Images, texts, links and more with a simple drag and drop system. We offer a wide range of components that can be added to your video or Use Bespoke components that fit your need and Brand flawlessly. contact us at

Interaction model partly based on After Effects, so no need to learn a new interface.

Easily converts all kind of video formats; Through Zencoder we support about 99% of all camera models and industry standard codecs. It might require large upload times for large files though.

Publishing and Syndication.

Put it on your site, with ease. We offer a wide range of presets that can be copied and pasted in most websites and website managing systems.

We provide Chromeless players that allow you to shape your own player controls, or you can select a player through one of our endpoints.

If you are a Network Manager, you might want to consider our Syndication options, that lets you deploy one set of interaction to a network of videos.

What's a Nabu?( 𒀭𒀝 )

Nabu was the Mesopotamian god of Writing. A son of Marduq ( 𒀭𒀫𒌓 ) and Serpanitum. He is usually depicted as a First Minister or a Scribe.

Nabu keeps the records and reads the books. He sets in stone for the future. Everything written is remembered and recited by Nabu's void. Nabu can be heard when reading silently.

Sometimes the inner voice warps and spins and echo's the laughter of the writing god.

Marduq 2018, Sense Studios 2018